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Agile practices

Making estimation easier and better

by Keith Richards
Learn how to refine your estimations – read more to master agile project forecasts.
Making estimation easier and better


Over the years agileKRC has helped many organizations with their agile transformation. We closely analyse the problems these organisations face with their projects and the way they work.

One of the most common problems they face is estimating.

So, with estimation we need to find a way.  It is hard but we need to deal with it. We need to attack it. At agileKRC we get organisations to address this by looking at five key areas.

  1. Look at the components of an estimate.
  2. Add confidence levels to your estimates.
  3. Blend relative estimations with actual results from previous estimations.
  4. Use the right technique at the right time.
  5. Get ‘nerdy’. It may not look good in your office to be really into estimation when you start to get great results it will look good.


In this video, Keith Richards, the Founder of agileKRC explains the basics of agile estimation, why it is so difficult, how to start relative estimating, and whether story points are useful when estimating.

The topics Keith covers include:

  • Why is agile estimation so difficult?
  • What are the basics of agile estimation?
  • How do you start to do relative estimation and why should you use it?
  • Getting the balance between predictive approaches and evidence-based approaches
  • Story points – a great idea or just a distraction?

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