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Agile Practices

Agile sprints and timeboxes

by Keith Richards
Learn agile sprints and timeboxing essentials to boost your project efficiency — start reading now.
Agile sprints timeboxes golden rules


Timeboxing is fundamental to all agile methods. Due to the popularity of Scrum (the most popular agile approach), the key timebox is called a sprint. In agile sprints are synonymous with timeboxes.

A broad agile sprint definition is the breaking work down of work into small chunks and frequently delivering something. We view timeboxing and using sprints as the glue that holds the agile way of working together.

Many people and organisations moving to agile find that traditional ways of working and thinking don’t help much and often get in the way when trying to implement agile timeboxes.


In this video, Keith Richards, the Founder of agileKRC and Lead Author and Chief Examiner for the Agile Project Management qualifications (AgilePM) and DSDM Atern explains the basic concepts of agile timeboxing.

In the video Keith covers the following topics:

  • Agile timeboxes or agile sprints – two slightly different styles.
  • The benefits of agile timeboxes.
  • The basics of timeboxing in agile.
  • Agile timebox durations and levels.
  • ‘IRC’ timeboxes.
  • Top tips and golden rules for agile timeboxing.

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