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Agile Approaches

How to pass your AgilePM exams

by Keith Richards
Learn how to ace AgilePM exams with expert tips — start your path to certification now!
Agilepm exam questions how to pass


agileKRC has created an information pack to help you when attending an AgilePM course (Foundation or Practitioner) and you are looking to pass one, or both, of the Agile PM exams.

In this guide you will find lots of information about the AgilePM exam questions, practical advice, and downloads to help you successfully complete your journey to becoming certified in AgilePM.


Watch this 15-minute video of Keith Richards (Lead Author of AgilePM) talking about how best to pass your Agile PM exams. Keith discusses such things as:

  • The structure of the AgilePM courses.
  • How the exams work.
  • Our AgilePM credentials and why you may like to choose agileKRC to provide your training.
  • Pre-reading guidance and sample practice exam papers.
  • Links you may find useful.

Download PDF

To download a PDF version of the presentation used in the video, click the button below.

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agileKRC has helped shape agile thinking by leading the teams that developed AgilePM® and PRINCE2 Agile®. We take a practical, success-oriented approach. We begin by taking the time to listen and understand your needs, before offering our real-world experience and expert guidance.

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