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Scrum online training course

Innovative Scrum Essentials™ online training course from the agile pioneers.

This innovative Scrum online course is a great way to learn the core Scrum elements. Based upon a fictional scenario, you decide how to implement Scrum across 56 separate realistic scenarios. With online feedback at each step, learning Scrum this way leads to deeper and longer lasting learning than traditional courses.

Scrum Essentials™ certification is available from Knowledge Train.


Scrum Essentials self-paced online
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Scrum Essentials™
Certified by:
Knowledge Train
Study time:
8 hours


Learning the essentials of Scrum offers several benefits to professionals, some of which include:

Benefits of learning Scrum online include:

  • Saves you time – you don’t need to travel to a Scrum course. All your study is done online.
  • Saves you money – the price of our Scrum Essentials™ online training course is very competitive and there are no extra costs to you.
  • Flexible schedule – you can study online whenever you want. You only require online internet access.
  • Flexible delivery – you can study online on any device – even on your mobile whilst on the move.


Scrum Essentials™ online course

Self-paced Scrum Essentials™ online training includes:

  • Interactive scenario-based eLearning.
  • Scrum Essentials™ exam.
  • Scrum Essentials™ certificate (*on passing the exam).
  • Online tutor support.


For further details of who should take this Scrum online training course, and to see the course times, click the button.


This online training is ideal if you want to learn about Scrum or are interested in working as part of a Scrum team or want to prepare for your Scrum certification exam.

For more about the learning outcomes and curriculum for Scrum Essentials™ online training, click the button.


Scrum Essentials™ exam

You can take your Scrum Essentials™ exam any time after taking a course.

Style: Multiple choice.

Questions: 40.

Pass mark: 80%.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Materials allowed: Closed book.

Pre-requisites: None.

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