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Agile Courses

Agile PM certification training courses

AgilePM training courses equip you with key agile project management skills.

Agile PM certification is the best route to develop your agile management career. Nearly 200,000 people have chosen Agile PM qualifications to help their careers.

An Agile PM course helps you understand how to apply Agile ways of working to deliver projects faster whilst still meeting quality expectations.

Choose from instructor-led classroom training courses or self-paced online courses.

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Award-winning AgilePM Training

agileKRC was independently verified as a leader for Agile PM training in the Trusted Training Radar® reports (2018, 2019 and 2020).


Agile PM courses

Agile PM Foundation course

On this Agile PM Foundation course, you learn the core aspects of the Agile PM framework and prepare yourself to sit the online AgilePM Foundation exam.

Ideal for people working on or supporting Agile projects. 99% exam pass rate.

Agile PM Practitioner course

On this Agile PM Practitioner course, you learn to flex projects to quickly deliver to customer’s needs and prepare yourself to sit the online AgilePM Practitioner exam.

Ideal for people managing Agile projects. 99% exam pass rate.

How AgilePM certification helps you …

Start a career as an agile project manager

Obtain the best agile project management certification in the UK.

Develop the knowledge and skills needed to start a career in agile project management.

Improve your agile project management

Develop your skills to manage agile projects effectively using AgilePM.

Increase your confidence to better manage agile projects at work.

Showcase your AgilePM qualifications

Complement your existing experience and skills with AgilePM certification.

Gain an internationally recognised certificate to show your commitment to professional development.


Agile PM certification

Our Trainers

If you choose to attend an instructor-led Agile Project Management classroom course, you’ll receive some of the very best training provided by our team of experienced AgilePM trainers and agile project managers.

They know how to best help you learn about Agile Project Management and help you learn how to pass your exams. They include the following.

Andrew Kell
Barbara Roberts
Susan Tuttle
Keith Richards

Agile Project Management FAQs

Is agileKRC accredited for AgilePM training?

Yes. agileKRC is an APMG Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) for Agile Project Management (AgilePM). agileKRC delivers some of the very best Agile Project Management training, as witnessed by the numerous awards we have won for the quality of our AgilePM training. In fact, agileKRC was the first ATO ever to be accredited to deliver AgilePM.

Why choose agileKRC over other course providers?

Award-winning training

Our Agile Project Management (AgilePM) training courses won leaders in the field awards for 3 years’ running up to the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our instructor-led Agile Project Management training courses are taught by some of the best trainers in the UK. They deliver a high quality of training you won’t find elsewhere. Each trainer is an expert with years of experience working in the agile project management area.

Should I take instructor-led or self-paced training?

You can be assured that both our instructor-led courses and self-paced training courses give you the best chance to learn about Agile Project Management and to pass your AgilePM exams. Just choose the course format that best suits your needs.

Take instructor-led Agile Project Management classroom training if any of the following apply:

  • You can commit to a fixed course schedule.
  • You want to earn your Agile Project Management certification as quickly as possible Instructor-led training courses either occur in a physical or a virtual classroom using advanced virtual learning technology.
  • You prefer to learn face-to-face with a trainer.
  • You prefer to learn with other students in a social environment.

You should take self-paced online Agile Project Management training if any of the following apply:

  • You cannot commit to a fixed schedule.
  • You cannot travel to a classroom training location.
  • You prefer to learn in your own time and at your own pace.
Should I take an AgilePM Foundation or Practitioner course?

Agile Project Management Foundation training is best suited for:

  • Project managers wanting to learn to manage agile projects.
  • Anyone wanting to become an agile project manager.
  • Senior staff wanting to learn how to work effectively with agile project managers.

Agile Project Management Practitioner training is best suited to:

  • Students certified at AgilePM Foundation level wanting to become agile project managers.
  • Project managers wanting to add an internationally recognised agile certification to their CV.
  • Project assistants, administrators, management specialists, risk managers, business analysts and other business roles wanting to start a career in agile project management.
Does my AgilePM certification expire?

AgilePM Foundation certification never expires, and AgilePM Practitioner certification expires after 5 years. If you pass the Practitioner exam you become recognised as an ‘AgilePM Registered Practitioner’.

To maintain your ‘Registered Practitioner’ status you must pass an AgilePM Re-registration exam within 3-5 years. This exam is the same format as Practitioner but has fewer questions and lasts for only 1 hour.

After 5 years, you must complete a full Practitioner exam again to be reinstated as an AgilePM Registered Practitioner.

When do I receive my AgilePM certificate?

If you attend our instructor-led classroom courses, you can choose to take your AgilePM exam(s) when you feel ready. Agile Project Management exam results and certifications are administered by APMG International.

AgilePM Foundation exam results and certifications will be given within 1 working day of submitting your exam, and for AgilePM Practitioner within 3 working days.

When do I receive my AgilePM handbook?

Instructor-led physical classroom courses

  • You receive the Agile Project Management Handbook on the first morning of the classroom Foundation course.

Instructor-led virtual classroom courses

  • If you live in the United Kingdom, you receive your handbook via courier before the start of your course.
  • If you live outside the UK, you receive a digital copy of the Agile Project Management Handbook via email. You can still choose to receive a hard copy of the handbook, but you must pay an additional postage fee.
How can I prepare for the course?

If you are attending an instructor-led Agile Project Management course, you will receive some introductory reading to complete before the course begins.

This should take no more than 3 hours and provides a basic overview of the topics covered on the first day of the AgilePM course.

When can I take my AgilePM exam?

If you are attending an instructor-led Agile Project Management course, your instructor may set aside time during the course to take the exam(s). However, you are not obliged to sit the exams at this time and can choose to sit your Agile Project Management exam(s) at a time more convenient for you.

Do I receive support to help me pass my AgilePM exams?

All our trainers on instructor-led Agile Project Management courses are very experienced at coaching students to learn what is needed to pass their AgilePM exams.

In addition, you’ll receive 2 official sample exams that match the style, format, and content of questions to be expected in your AgilePM exams.

If you participate in one of our instructor-led virtual classroom Agile Project Management courses, you can watch recordings of the training sessions for later review.

Is there homework?

If you attend an instructor-led Agile Project Management training course, you will be assigned homework of about 2-3 hours each day. Homework includes reading, quizzes, sample exams, and other revision exercises.

How is AgilePM different from Scrum?

Scrum is the most popular agile method used today. Many agilists wrongly believe that Scrum is a project management method. It is not.

Scrum is a development method used to help teams iteratively develop software, although Scrum has increasingly been used to deliver many more types of products than software.

Delivery methods such as Scrum lack a core project management capability. Scrum does not address what comes before or after a project. It only focuses on what happens during a project. Decisions about whether to invest in project is lacking from Scrum.

That is why in recent years there has been an increasing desire to find methods that can be applied to the management of agile projects. One such method is DSDM.

DSDM is one of the earliest and best-known agile methods and was a signatory to the Agile Manifesto. DSDM is a proven, best-practice agile approach for managing projects and covers the entire project life cycle. DSDM is fully scalable for use on projects of any size and type.

DSDM differs from all other agile methods (including Scrum) because it integrates project management and product development into a single process. Many organisations just use DSDM, although some gain value from integrating DSDM with approaches such as PRINCE2.

Agile Project Management is built upon DSDM. Therefore, with Agile Project Management you are getting a full project management method specifically designed to manage both agile projects and agile delivery. With Scrum, you are only getting a method for agile delivery.

Which is the best agile training course - AgilePM or PRINCE2 Agile?

Deciding whether AgilePM or PRINCE2 Agile is best can be tricky. Some people get confused when choosing between an Agile Project Management (AgilePM) course, or a PRINCE2 Agile course.

The simple advice is this. If you have already passed a PRINCE2 exam, then choose a PRINCE2 Agile course.

If you don’t already have a PRINCE2 qualification, then take an Agile Project Management course.

Is there an Agile Project Management Course near me?

Currently, we only run instructor-led Agile Project Management courses in London, UK. However, we run regular instructor-led virtual classroom Agile Project Management courses.

Learn from agile leaders

agileKRC has helped shape agile thinking by leading the teams that developed AgilePM® and PRINCE2 Agile®. We take a practical, success-oriented approach. We begin by taking the time to listen and understand your needs, before offering our real-world experience and expert guidance.

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