Streetwise Moscow – the ultimate how-to guide for MoSCoW prioritisation

Knowledge Base

MoSCoWing project requirements allows you to deliver on time by being flexible with your features. To be Streetwise with MoSCoW you need to follow some basic rules.

A requirement is either a:

  • Must have
  • Should have
  • Could have
  • Won’t have

MoSCoWing enables you to deliver on time whilst protecting the quality of the solution. By agreeing what is important, you can flex requirements to deliver on time.

This ultimate guide helps you understand the different requirements, how to prioritise these into ‘must haves’, ‘should haves’, ‘could haves’ and ‘won’t haves’, and explains why you need to accept that all requirements may not need to be prioritised as a ‘must have’.

The following PDF provides information on how to breakdown the categorise different requirements, with a range of tips and examples to follow. We answer questions such as ‘What happens when my customer tells me everything is a must?’, and ‘When is a must not a must?’.