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Agile whitepapers

Whitepaper – UK Ministry of Defence trial use of AgilePM

by Keith Richards
Discover how AgilePM revolutionized UK Defence projects — Read the compelling case study now.
Ministry of defence whitepaper case study


This whitepaper describes how agileKRC helped initially trial the use of DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Methodology) and later the trial of AgilePM (Agile Project Management) framework on a project for the UK Ministry of Defence.

The result was that by using DSDM/AgilePM the Combat Identification Server (CIDS) Technology Demonstrator Project (TDP) was delivered to time, quality, and budget.

This trial application of the AgilePM method by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Defence Equipment and Support (DES):

  • Demonstrated the suitability of the application to a DES project.
  • Provided lessons for the future application of AgilePM.
  • Showed the effectiveness of the AgilePM method in achieving the delivery to time, quality and budget.

The CIDS TDP was funded by the MoD DES Tactical Datalinks Delivery Team (TDL DT) and delivered by an industry consortium led by General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited.

Download PDF

Click to download the whitepaper to read how AgilePM was used on the project, and the key conclusions based upon the experience of applying AgilePM in a complex government project.

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