Master the art of MoSCoW prioritisation to protect the quality of what you deliver and deliver it on time


When working in an agile way it is essential to be able to prioritise different tasks. Priotitising effectively enables a team to ensure quality and meet deadlines. There are numerous techniques on how to prioritise well; MoSCoW is one of the most powerful techniques used in the agile community.

This presentation looks at the different levels of prioritization and using MoSCoW in the real world.

The presentation covers:

  • The basics about prioritisation
  • MoSCoW and the 80:20 rule
  • Prioritisation at different levels
  • Practical tips
  • The 60:20:20 ‘rule of thumb’
  • Advanced prioritisation

For a more in-depth explanation of this presentation please watch our webinar on Mastering the art of MoSCoW prioritisation