What is Agile Project Management?

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Agile Project Management Explained

Agile Project Management is an approach to agile that is ideally used in more complex situations, where the simpler forms of agile have their limitations.

Currently, the vast majority of agile is used in an IT environment on an existing set of products. However, what if you don’t have a product yet or the solution you are looking to create involves more than just IT? This is where the benefits of Agile Project Management come in to play.

AgilePM is a qualification independently accredited by the APMG and works alongside more traditional approaches, such as PRINCE2. AgilePM is APMG’s fastest moving product at present and it is growing faster than PRINCE2 did when it was at a similar stage in its development.

Can I use Scrum to manage an agile project?

No. Scrum is an agile framework for product delivery and is typically used when a product already exists and you are looking to add features to it over a period of time. You can use Scrum ON a project but you cannot use Scrum to MANAGE a project.

When you combine agile project management and scrum you get the best of both worlds. It allows you to use scrum on larger and more complex projects whilst still maintaining rigour and control.

So is Agile Project Management an important part of the agile movement?

Yes it is. A common misconception is that agile is only applicable to IT and where a product already exists. Although it is true to say that most agile concepts and frameworks were originally applied in this way, time has moved on. When organisations are faced with complex business change or bespoke customer work, agile needs to work in these situations as well. This is where using project concepts configured to support agile enables agile to open up new horizons and operate in real world situations and at scale.