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Agile Approaches

Scrum – Getting the most out of it

by Keith Richards
Unlock Scrum's full potential — learn how it can transform your project delivery and team dynamics.
Getting the most from scrum


The most well-known agile approach is Scrum. Scrum has become the most popular development approach within the software development industry and has started recently to be applied in other industries.

Scrum has improved the way many organisations work to deliver value to their business and customers. For something that is relatively simple to understand there is a lot of hype surrounding Scrum. But why?


In this video, Keith Richards, the Founder of agileKRC and Lead Author and Chief Examiner for AgilePM explains that the secret to success with Scrum is to know exactly what it is, when to use it and how.

People looking to understand how Scrum might help their organization, or for experienced Scrum Masters and Product Owners who want to hear some thoughtful points of view about Scrum, this video is for you.

The topics covered in the video include:

  • What Scrum is and more importantly what Scrum is not?
  • Is Scrum too simplistic or is that its strength?
  • Can you run a project using Scrum or is it just for product development?
  • How do you scale Scrum to work in complex situations and environments?
  • How does Scrum relate to other methods and approaches?
  • Scrum weaknesses.
  • Are Scrum certifications worth the money?

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