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Whitepaper – Distributed Agile to get more from remote teams

by Keith Richards
Learn how to enhance your remote teams' efficiency with our expert insights — read now and empower your distributed workforce.
Distributed agile getting more from remote teams


This article was prompted by my journeys to visit the huge Indian IT centres in cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune in the 2010s.

But in 2020, the world has been stunned by the advent of Covid-19. Along with the tragedy of so many people losing their lives, businesses have had to adapt to distributed working with remote teams becoming the norm.

The recommendations I made to help you get the best out of your remote teams is as relevant now as it was several years ago when I first wrote this whitepaper.

In fact, today I would argue that managing remote teams and getting distributed working right is an absolute necessity today. Organisations that get this right will be the ones that will come out of the Covid pandemic stronger and better able to exploit the opportunities in the future.

You might also like to watch a webinar I did some years ago on the topic of ‘How to get more from your remote teams‘.

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Click to download the whitepaper and find out about the eight detailed recommendations for getting more from your remote teams.

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