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Whitepaper – Combining AgilePM and Scrum

by Keith Richards
Learn how AgilePM and Scrum can elevate your project management — read our insights now and see the difference!
Combining agilepm scrum


In the late-nineties Agile was still a niche area that mainly existed in the IT domain. Today, however, increasing numbers of organizations are adopting Agile practices as they seek to gain advantages in product development, project management, efficiency, and competitiveness.

DSDM and Scrum were two of the original and most prominent Agile frameworks at the start and they are still around today, although DSDM is now more commonly known as AgilePM (Agile Project Management).

But should organizations and individuals focus on one or both? In this whitepaper Keith Richards, founder of agileKRC and a leading Agile thinker in the UK discusses why and when you might either use both Scrum and AgilePM together or separately.


During this webinar, presenter Keith Richards discusses the following topics:

  • Provide an overview of Scrum (what it is and, more importantly, what it is not).
  • Introduce AgilePM and its key features.
  • Explain why Scrum should not be used as a framework for project management.
  • Highlight scenarios for the effective application of each framework.
  • Share reasons to combine AgilePM & Scrum and the potential benefits.

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