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Agile project management training courses

by Simon Buehring
Choose the right Agile project management training course to advance your career as an Agile project manager.
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Professional development in Agile project management is a continuous journey, and for those seeking to embrace modern methodologies, an Agile project management course is an excellent stepping stone.

This training equips professionals with the ability to adapt rapidly to changing requirements and improve the responsiveness of their project delivery. Individuals considering such courses range from seasoned project managers to those beginning their Agile project management careers, all seeking to enhance their strategic approach and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Agile project management training

Agile project management training offers numerous benefits, including an increased understanding of Agile principles and methodologies, improved collaboration and communication within teams, as well as enhanced capability to manage and deliver projects successfully in volatile environments.

This training fosters a mindset centred around customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and the ability to manage and respond to change effectively, skills that are in high demand across countless industries.

Choosing the right Agile project management course

There are two primary alternatives for Agile project management training: AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile. Both frameworks are widely recognised and provide practitioners with a robust set of tools and practices to manage projects successfully in an Agile environment.

AgilePM courses

AgilePM training, provided by the Agile Business Consortium, focuses on integrating Agile practices with project management. An AgilePM course develops one’s expertise in managing projects in an Agile context, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget while delivering value early and frequently.

The AgilePM Foundation course, typically taught over three days, lays the groundwork for understanding the AgilePM methodology and its application, and is suitable for those new to Agile project management.

Following this, students can progress to the AgilePM Practitioner course. This one-day training builds on the Foundation knowledge, teaching students to apply the methodology in real-world scenarios. Practitioner-level courses are more advanced and are appropriate for professionals looking to apply the method to real projects.

PRINCE2 Agile courses

PRINCE2 Agile, designed by AXELOS, combines the governance of PRINCE2 with the flexibility of Agile. A PRINCE2 Agile course guides learners through tailoring PRINCE2 to fit Agile contexts, melding structure with adaptability – a highly sought-after skill set in complex project environments.

The PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course is a two-day course that introduces the basics of the framework, including its principles, themes, and processes. It acts as a prerequisite for the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner course. This subsequent two-day course goes deeper into the practical application of the framework, focusing on real-world adaptability and decision-making.

Delivery formats for training

There is a range of delivery formats available for AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile training courses. Instructor-led classroom courses offer the traditional face-to-face learning experience, while virtual classroom options provide the same level of instructor interaction from the comfort of one’s own home or office.

Self-paced online training courses, on the other hand, offer flexibility for those with busy schedules or who prefer to learn at their own pace.

Why not Scrum or Kanban?

While Scrum or Kanban may come to mind when discussing Agile, it’s essential to note that these are not categorised as Agile project management approaches. Scrum and Kanban are Agile delivery approaches, focusing primarily on the process of delivering products, rather than the overarching management and control of projects.

AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile courses, conversely, are comprehensive in covering the end-to-end project management process within an Agile framework.


Agile project management training provides valuable expertise to those aiming to lead projects with agility and efficiency. The training courses for AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile equip individuals with knowledge and practical skills essential for modern project environments. Both frameworks offer Foundation and Practitioner levels to cater to various learning needs.

Additionally, the flexibility of course delivery, through classroom-based or online platforms, ensures that professionals can find a training solution that fits their personal and professional commitments. Embracing Agile project management through comprehensive training is a strategic move for any professional seeking to remain competitive and effective within their field.

Learn from agile leaders

agileKRC has helped shape agile thinking by leading the teams that developed AgilePM® and PRINCE2 Agile®. We take a practical, success-oriented approach. We begin by taking the time to listen and understand your needs, before offering our real-world experience and expert guidance.

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