AgilePM ratings

We came out on top!

22 Aug 2019
Keith Richards
Agile, AgilePM/DSDM, General, PRINCE2 Agile

We were all delighted at agileKRC to do so well in the independent survey of training companies selling AgilePM training.

Women's World Cup

Is women's football making a big mistake?

4 Jul 2019
Keith Richards

Women's football could bring a new and vibrant look to football. However, will it try to copy the men's game or create its own brand? I fear it will the be former!


3 Classic Facilitation Mistakes

19 Jun 2019
Keith Richards
Agile, General

It is not easy to facilitate a meeting let alone 5 Conservative leadership contenders! However, some things can make life easier ...or harder! Facilitation is an art and a science that can be learnt by anyone. See if you agree with these 3 observations.

Are you making a classic Agile mistake?

You are good at leading a team, but are you making a classic mistake?

21 May 2019
Keith Richards
Agile, AgilePM/DSDM, General, PRINCE2 Agile

Leading a team has many challenges, but are you creating one that need not exist? Are you trying to impress your team by the way you are working, but inadvertently putting yourself at a disadvantage? Take a look at this blog and see if you are fine ...or maybe you have a big lesson to learn!

Agile Glossary

9 Feb 2019
Keith Richards
Agile, General

There are so many buzzwords used in Agile that it can become confusing and perhaps intimidating at times. Even the word Agile has many defintions depending on who you ask. In this blog, we take a 'not too serious' look at what these words actually mean! Let us know if you can you think of any others?

Donald Trump

Agile misconceptions and 'fake news'. Just saying...

1 Jan 2019
Keith Richards
Agile, AgilePM/DSDM, General, Governance, PRINCE2 Agile

Over the many years of working with agile in general, and agile project management in particular, I have been surprised at the number of misconceptions that have become so prevalent that they more or less become facts. Albeit 'fake news'. Here are just a few statements that are true and are intended to correct those agile misconceptions.

What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School

An Eighties book still going strong!

9 Jan 2018
Keith Richards
Agile, General

As I was passing through the airport the other day, I noticed an old book was the No. 1 bestseller. It has helped me a lot on my agile journey. The main advice being about how to judge people.

Agile with a 'little a' or a 'big A'

26 Oct 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, AgilePM/DSDM, General

I seemed to have kicked off quite an engaging post on LinkedIn regarding 'what is agile?' and I received a post from Larry Moore that I thought was quite interesting. Here is my reply to Larry.

So, what is ‘Being Agile’?

24 Oct 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General

With so many people and organisations ‘going agile’, ‘doing agile’ and ‘being agile’, you would think that everyone in the agile community would have a very clear definition of what ‘being agile’ actually is. Well, I have been working in the agile arena for twenty years now – and I don’t think we have one! Take a look at this blog post and have a think about what your view is. Is it the same as everyone else?


The beauty of Prague, architecture and agile.

26 Sep 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General, PRINCE2 Agile

I had a thoroughloy enjoyable trip to Prague for a Project Manangement conference recently (  I was very impressed with the architecture of Prague, but it did lead me to think about how a more emergent or agile approach may have been better!