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Scaled Agile

How getting a SAFe® qualification can help your career

by Simon Buehring
Learn how SAFe certification elevates your career — find out the benefits and opportunities.
How a SAFe qualification can help your career

Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) training and qualifications can help you develop your career in several roles..

This article explains the key benefits of scaled agile training and earning a scaled agile professional qualification.

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Expand your agile skills with SAFe

If you already have considerable Agile skills and experience, then you might consider taking a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) training course to gain a deeper understanding of how to apply Agile principles at scale.

One of the biggest hurdles that agile practitioners have faced when using Scrum is how to scale it to multiple teams, or across the organisation. That’s where Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) comes in.

Agile at scale

SAFe is a framework designed to help organizations adopt Agile methodologies across large-scale, complex projects, involving multiple teams and stakeholders. The framework provides a structured approach to implementing Agile principles at scale, with a focus on alignment, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

Large scale agile roles

By taking a SAFe training course, experienced Agile practitioners can learn how to apply Agile principles at scale, understand the roles and responsibilities of different teams and stakeholders in a large-scale Agile project, and gain insight into the tools and techniques used to manage complex, multi-team Agile projects.

Common language

Additionally, SAFe training provides a common language and understanding of Agile practices, which can be useful for communicating with other Agile practitioners and stakeholders in the organization. It also helps to demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, which can enhance career opportunities and professional development.

Certified SAFe Agilist

Grow your career with a SAFe qualification

Continuing professional development

Earning a scaled agile qualification demonstrates to employers your commitment to your own professional development and your willingness to keep up to date with the latest advancements in agile. These are important qualities that are highly valued by potential employers.

According to Scaled Agile Inc. [1] 77% of certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) professionals pursue a SAFe certification for professional development, and 63% rely on SAFe certifications to prove their knowledge.

Global opportunities for employment

With a scaled agile qualification, you can take your career to the next level. Many organisations are grappling with the challenges of how to apply agile at scale, and having a scaled agile qualification can open up career opportunities which perhaps you don’t currently enjoy.

SAFe is recognised internationally, giving you the opportunity to work abroad and take your skills and experience with you.

Certified SAFe Agilist

Training your team

Using our expert trainers, we can deliver scaled agile training to your team at your premises anywhere in the world. Or we can deliver training via our online virtual classroom platform. This can also support hybrid classrooms in which remote learners join a physical class using virtual classroom software.

Training can be customised to your needs.

To find out more about how our consultants can help your team, get in touch with us.


[1] Scaled Agile. Get SAFe Certified. Retrieved from (Accessed February 27, 2023).

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