Use cases

Choose one of the following use cases:

I want to train a team of staff

I want an agile consultant to help improve our business agility

I want an agile coach to help embed agile ways of working

I want award-winning agile certification training

I want to recruit agile staff

Did you know?

  1. agileKRC have been market leaders in offering agile solutions since 1995
  2. Successful solutions development is based upon customer collaboration
  3. 99% of problems when adopting Agile are to do with people, not technology
  4. Adopting Scrum or DevOps alone does not make you agile
  5. Organisations typically need more than one agile solution.

Award-winning training

Leader for AgilePM training

agileKRC was independently verified as a Leader for Agile Project Management training in the Trusted Training Radar® report (2019 and 2020).

Leader in Agile PM training 2018.

Whether it’s our award-winning Agile Project Management (AgilePM) training, or Scrum Master, Product Owner, PRINCE2 Agile, Kanban, Scaled Agile, or Agile Business Analysis (AgileBA), we have a certification for you.

Choosing the right agile service

It can be tricky knowing which is the best agile service for your business. Often, organizations need more than one service.

Market leaders

agileKRC has been a market leader for many years providing a range of global agile solutions.

Solutions development

Our solutions development process is based upon collaborating with you to understand what your real needs are.

Agile experience of over 25 years makes us truly unique and enables us to provide deep insight into solving common problems.

No technical solution

In 99% of cases, the problems that organisations face when adopting Agile are to do with people, not technology.

Unlike some consulting companies we won’t try to sell you expensive tools. But we will seek to understand what skills your teams need to improve if you are truly going to get the benefits of Agile.

Blended solutions

We often find that organisations require more than one solution. We are agnostic when it comes to agile methodologies, and we won’t try to sell you a solution if it doesn’t fit.

Many people think that if they adopt Scrum or DevOps it means they will become
agile. It doesn’t.

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