Embedding Agile in a Large Global Organization

Webinars / Videos

Following on from the highly successful presentation at the 2014 International Showcase in London on 3rd July, we decided to make this webinar a joint effort with one of our customers: Mars Inc.

It will be one of our usual webinars but this time we will be joined by Dave Watson of Mars Global Services who will be giving everyone an insight from a customer perspective.

'Agile Project Management' was first introduced to Mars Information Services in 2012. Scrum was initially promoted and trained as the approach of choice. However, it soon became apparent that adopting agile approaches could benefit projects across the organization - not just IT projects. However, due to lack of defined governance, Scrum in isolation did not satisfy their needs.

Working with agileKRC, Mars Inc. decided to adopt a more holistic approach to 'Agile Project Management'. This webinar describes the agile journey within the Mars Inc. organization covering the key learnings, the intentions for the future and what surprises turned up along the way!

The webinar will be jointly presented by:

Keith Richards, Chief Executive, agileKRC and Dave Watson, Methodology Expert Centre Leader, Mars - Global Services - Service Excellence

In this webinar we cover:

  • Agile at Mars: The story so far
  • The Agile journey
  • What Agile@Mars is
  • Agile behaviours
  • Agile approaches
  • Agile tools & techniques
  • Governance & management
  • Why agile?

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please get in touch, or take a look at previous questions and answers from this webinar.