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How PRINCE2 Agile improves project delivery

by Keith Richards
Learn how PRINCE2 Agile enhances your project delivery - Read more and gain insights now!
How PRINCE2 Agile improves project delivery


The demand for PRINCE2 Agile courses has steadily increased since their launch in 2015. Along with the upgrade to PRINCE2 in 2017, there seems to be more demand, and more relevance, than ever before, for an internationally recognisable project management framework to work well in an agile context.

PRINCE2 Agile is addressing this demand.


This presentation was delivered to the BCS Agile Methods Specialist Group in January 2018 by Keith Richards, Founder of agileKRC and Lead Author of PRINCE2 Agile.

In the presentation Keith explores PRINCE2 Agile and explains how to use it in the best way for your organisation.

Questions answered

In the session, Keith answered the following questions:

  • Why combine PRINCE2 with agile?
  • What are their respective strengths?
  • Where are the two approaches (PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile) complimentary and where is there friction?
  • How do you address the common misconceptions of agile and PRINCE2?
  • Why PRINCE2 is NOT a ‘traditional’ approach to project management?
  • How do you create a culture where they can operate together?
  • What are the alternatives? E.g. AgilePM/DSDM
  • How do you incorporate Scrum and Kanban into PRINCE2 Agile?
  • Where does the Scrum Master and Product Owner fit into PRINCE2 Agile?
  • What are the benefits of PRINCE2 Agile and how will it help your organisation?

Many new agile concepts are now appearing to address the need to manage agile in wider and more complicated situations, but is this reinventing the wheel? PRINCE2 is a proven approach and an industry standard that already has the principles and processes to take agile to greater heights.

A lot of project management in an agile context is common sense. However, a lot is counter intuitive.

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agileKRC has helped shape agile thinking by leading the teams that developed AgilePM® and PRINCE2 Agile®. We take a practical, success-oriented approach. We begin by taking the time to listen and understand your needs, before offering our real-world experience and expert guidance.

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