Agile Project Management – Why is it popular?

The demand for Agile Project Management training has steadily increased since its launch in 2010.

Organizations are increasingly looking for solutions at the project level to help them manage projects in an agile context, rather than solely focusing on the agile project delivery level which is covered by popular agile approaches such as Scrum.

By the end of 2020, over 150,000 agile project managers have gained AgilePM qualifications since the qualification scheme was launched by APMG.


This presentation was delivered at the 2018 Project Challenge conference in London in March 2018 by Keith Richards, Founder of agileKRC and Lead Author of AgilePM.

In the presentation Keith explores PRINCE2 Agile and explains how to use it in the best way for your organisation.

In his presentation, Keith covered the following topics:

  • How agile operates in different contexts – project and product
  • The best forms of integrating agile product delivery on projects
  • Some basics of AgilePM/DSDM
  • Why AgilePM is so popular
  • Advantages of AgilePM/DSDM
  • Disadvantages of AgilePM/DSDM
  • AgilePM/DSDM – the areas to get right
  • AgilePM/DSDM – the risk areas


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