Agile business

agileKRC is an accredited partner of the Agile Business Consortium, a not-for-profit professional body for business agility.

Coaching key to success

  • The key to success with agile is turning what you’ve learnt into the way you work.
  • It’s about ensuring that you don’t slip back into your old habits. 

At agileKRC we believe that agile coaching and mentoring are the best ways to embed skills in your organization to help you get the greatest benefit.

Our agile coaches help you make agile so much part of how your teams work that it becomes second nature to them.

Benefits of agile coaching

  • Your business gets better quality results in less time.
  • Your customers will be more satisfied.
  • You will achieve a greater return on investment (in both time and money).

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    Coaching not leading

    Agile coaches facilitate your teams’ learning, enabling it to happen more quickly and successfully. Our agile coaches create an environment and a level of support that allows your teams to enjoy their successes and learn from their failures. [MORE]


    Moving to agile and achieving greater business agility is not a simple journey. There is no substitute for the voice of experience to help you maximize the benefits of new agile behaviours and practices [MORE]