Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

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Course Overview

A ScrumMaster helps the team perform at their highest level, and is responsible for making sure the Scrum team follow the values and practices of Scrum. The role of the ScrumMaster involves removing any impediments that obstruct the project goals, facilitating meetings, and working with the Product Owner to ensure that the product backlog is ready for the next sprint.

This Certified ScrumMaster training course is accredited by the Scrum Alliance and investigates in detail the Scrum framework giving you a sound understanding of the Scrum principles and practices such as the team roles, the activities and the artefacts. This course combines interactive exercises and theory to create an effective learning experience that leads to you becoming a Certified ScrumMaster.

Course Benefits

This course will provide delegates with a solid understanding of Scrum and the knowledge to apply the framework effectively. By becoming a certified ScrumMaster, you will be able to join a community of recognised Scrum experts who are committed to continuous improvement.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Participate as a Scrum team member
  • Deliver a successful Scrum project
  • Carry out the role of the ScrumMaster effectively
  • Understand how Scrum can benefit any organisation by prioritising and planning with the business/customer in order to deliver work
  • Prove your Scrum knowledge to your peers
  • Benefit your organisation by achieving real and tangible benefits quickly
  • Influence your organisation to adopt an Agile methodology and mind-set

What will you learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

Define and use the full range of Scrum Artefacts such as the Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Increment and Burndown Charts.

Set-up and facilitate different Scrum Meetings such as running Release Planning, Sprint Planning, a Daily Scrum, a Sprint Review or a Sprint Retrospective.

Understand how to employ Scrum in real world situations such as distributed teams, involving fixed price contracts and using third party suppliers.

Help your team or organisation to transition to a Lean and Agile way of working using Scrum.

Understand how to combine the use of Scrum with other Lean and Agile approaches such as Kanban, eXtreme Programming and AgilePM/DSDM.

Who will this course benefit?

This course is beneficial if you are going to be a ScrumMaster or part of a Scrum team, leading a Scrum team, or interacting with a Scrum team to support activities such as recruitment or procurement. This course will provide you with the understanding required to help the Scrum team maximise its performance.

Is this an accredited course?

Yes. This course is accredited by the Scrum Alliance.

What about certification?

Upon completion of this course, you will become a Certified ScrumMaster.

Course Content

  • The Agile Manifesto
  • Empirical and Defined Processes
  • Scrum Process and Sprints
  • The Significance of "Done"
  • The Five Scrum Values
  • Applicability of Scrum
Scrum Roles
  • Overview of Scrum Roles
  • ScrumMaster
  • Product Owner
  • The Team
  • Teamwork and Team Characteristics
  • Impact on Traditional Roles
Scrum Meetings
  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Daily Scrum Meeting
  • Sprint Review Meeting
  • Sprint Retrospective Meeting
  • Release Planning Meeting
Scrum Artefacts
  • Product Backlog
  • Product Increment & the Definition of Done
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Burndown Chart
Scaling Scrum
  • Working with Multiple Teams
  • Working with Distributed Teams