Scrum in One Day (SIOD)

1 day

Course Overview

Scrum has become one of the most popular agile approaches and this one day Scrum training course will cover everything contained in the “definitive guide to Scrum” written by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

The course is trained in an interactive and engaging style with a series of exercises that are designed to ensure that the learning is in embedded correctly within the delegates.


After completing this course delegates will have an excellent understanding of Scrum. The key elements of the Scrum framework will be explained. This will cover the roles, events and artefacts of Scrum along with the theory upon which it is based which covers the concepts of transparency, inspection and adaption.

Also covered on this Scrum training course is the use of engineering practices from other methods such as extreme programming (XP). These techniques and practices are commonly used along with Scrum such as user stories and story point estimation.

Further to this the strengths and limitations of Scrum are discussed and advice is given on how best to use Scrum along with other approaches and how to scale up Scrum when using it on in larger situations such as complex projects.