So, what is ‘Being Agile’?

24 Oct 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General

With so many people and organisations ‘going agile’, ‘doing agile’ and ‘being agile’, you would think that everyone in the agile community would have a very clear definition of what ‘being agile’ actually is. Well, I have been working in the agile arena for twenty years now – and I don’t think we have one! Take a look at this blog post and have a think about what your view is. Is it the same as everyone else?


The beauty of Prague, architecture and agile.

26 Sep 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General, PRINCE2 Agile

I had a thoroughloy enjoyable trip to Prague for a Project Manangement conference recently (  I was very impressed with the architecture of Prague, but it did lead me to think about how a more emergent or agile approach may have been better!


Is the AgilePM/DSDM ‘Structured Timebox’ just theoretical and not much use in practice?

4 Aug 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, AgilePM/DSDM, General

In July this year, Brian Wernham, following a conversation he was involved in,  posted the following question on LinkedIn: In AgilePM/DSDM, the DSDM ‘Structured Timebox’, increasingly feels like an ‘exam only’ practice. True or false? I thought that there was a lot more to this question than may have initially met the eye. Take a look at this blog, if you have always wondered about, how to use the 'structured' or 'IRC' timebox in DSDM.

Fibonacci Sequence

The big flaw in the Fibonacci sequence - how much has it cost your organisation?

16 May 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General

Many people use the Fibonacci sequence (or something very close to it) to help when they are estimating such things as Epics, Features and User Stories when working in an agile context. However, have we spent over a decade believing in something that is fundamentally flawed? The answer, in my opinion, is surprisingly, yes! Take a look!

Agile Journey Notes

What do you need from your organisation?

7 Mar 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General

If you had to send a message to your organisation about what you need, right now, on your agile journey - what would it be?

PRINCE2 2017 Update

PRINCE2 is getting updated!

10 Jan 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General, Governance, PRINCE2 Agile

I thought the 2009 update was a very big step forward for PRINCE2. Looks like this will take PRINCE2 a lot further forward and keep it up to date.

Sham 69

Can agile learn something from Sham 69?

8 Jan 2017
Keith Richards
Agile, General

I was at a music festival in September 2016 and was reminded of the need to keep things simple. The reminder came in a somewhat unusual way!



4 Jan 2017
Keith Richards

Fresh on the heels of lowering the pre-requisite for PRINCE2 Agile, AXELOS have made a huge decision that will affect many a training organisation. They have chosen PEOPLECERT to be their SINGLE Exam Institute!

Project Manager or Scrum Master? (or Team Manager!)

18 Nov 2016
Keith Richards
Agile, General, Governance, PRINCE2 Agile

Why is there confusion over the role of the Project Manager and the Scrum Master? Having worked in the agile arena for nearly 20 years, there are many things that still surprise me. One of those surprises is the frequent debate and questions about the relationship between the Scrum Master and the Project Manager – i.e. where do they both fit in? This blog touches on some of the difficulties here and has a link to an agileKRC webinar on the topic.

agileKRC Exhibition Stand

agileKRC sponsor first ‘Agile in the City: Bristol’ event

1 Nov 2016

agileKRC, the pioneering agile training and consultancy company, are sponsoring Bristol’s first ‘Agile in the city’ event. This new, practical event from the organisers of Agile Cambridge and Agile Manchester, welcomes everyone from the Agile and Lean community, and anyone looking to get involved and find out more.