Don't eat soup with a fork!

Keith Richards
4 Oct 2019

I would like to offer a word or two of advice to wannabe consultants/professionals who are trying to impress people with their views on Agile.

LinkedIn is currently awash with many consultants trying to enlighten their peers and current/potential employers with their great insights about how bad Agile is. These insights, said with utmost confidence, are that ‘Agile doesn’t work’ or ‘Agile is dangerous’ or ‘Agile is anarchy’ or variations of these three. It cannot be long now until we hear the news that ‘Agile ate my hamster’.

I would like to make two points: Firstly, Agile cannot do any damage to anyone or anything – only the people using it badly or inappropriately can do that.

Secondly, if you are trying to impress people with these scare tactics, you had better hope that they are equally ill-informed and out of touch, because if they are not – you are not doing yourself any favours.

I am not sure if this analogy will help explain things, but… …If you are struggling to eat soup with a fork - don’t blame the fork. The problem lies with the person holding the fork