An Eighties book still going strong!

Keith Richards
9 Jan 2018
What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School

At the airport last week, I was surprised to see the No. 1 bestselling business book was ‘What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School’ by Mark H. McCormack.

I assumed it was a ‘sequel’. I read the original many decades ago - but it was actually the original!

Key story for me

I have always remembered the opening story McCormack told about his experiences with a flamboyant golfer (Doug Sanders) and a US President (Richard Nixon).

That single story has always stayed with me.

McCormack was making the point that you need to see the real person you are dealing with and not judge by the exterior veneer and preconceptions.

Sanders turned out to be true to his word. Nixon did not.

I took McCormack's advice

When I started my agile journey, 20 years ago, I sought advice from many people. The advice I remember most was being strongly advised to avoid a few individuals and their companies.

Well, those individuals seemed OK to me at the time and I happen to still be doing business with ALL of them to this very day, 20 years later.

Unlike those who gave me the advice!

I am not sure if the whole book stands the test of time, but I know I have used some of its guidance to great effect during my career. If you can - try and read page 3 next time you are in a book shop!

Be true to yourself!

As Shakespeare said ‘the truth will out’!



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