Keith Richards
4 Jan 2017

AXELOS spring another surprise!

Fresh on the heels of lowering the pre-requisite for PRINCE2 Agile, AXELOS have made a huge decision that will affect many a training organisation. They have chosen PEOPLECERT to be their single Exam Institute! This means that organisations like APMG, BCS, EXIN, only have one more year to go as an exam provider for such things as PRINCE2 and ITIL.

I always thought that the concept of multiple Exam Institutes was a little odd in the first place, perhaps this has now come out in the wash. I remember the confused look on several people's faces as they wondered how it would work!

I am guessing that this is bad news for APMG, but they have been around the block a few times and have built a portfolio of products that could compete with AXELOS to a degree. They will still be ‘in the mix’. In fact, I wonder if APMG knew it was coming as they have built up their offering recently and  may be more than happy to slug it out toe-to-toe as they have a greater presence in the agile space at present. Time will tell.

As 2017 starts, I assume that most people could do without the extra work of realigning to a new EI but there you go – ever onward!

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