DSDM clinic – problems and fixes

DSDM is a framework made up of 8 principles, a lifecycle, products, roles and responsibilities and several best practice techniques.

Often seen as Agile’s best kept secret, DSDM is one of the leading and fastest growing agile approaches, forming the basis of the  Agile Project Management (AgilePM) qualifications accredited by the APMG. AgilePM is currently its fastest growing qualification and over 150,000 professionals were certified in AgilePM by 2020.

DSDM addresses the needs of both simple product development and more complex project situations.


In this video Keith Richards (Lead Author of DSDM Atern) talks about how DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Methodology) has developed since its launch in 1995 and about using DSDM in the real world today. The full list of topics included in Keith’s video are:

  • Growth of DSDM.
  • DSDM in the real world – how easy is it.
  • DSDM: Basics and possible problems.
  • Philosophy and principles.
  • The lifecycle.
  • Role and Responsibilities.
  • Five key techniques.


Growth of DSDM

DSDM is one of the fastest growing agile approaches at the moment. The reason DSDM agile is growing so quickly is that people are finding that it provides many benefits when it comes to ‘scaling up’ agile throughout an organisation.

So, how are you getting on with your DSDM?

  • Are you finding some bits of the DSDM methodology easier to use than others?
  • Are there areas of the DSDM methodology that you don’t fully understand yet?
  • Are you new to DSDM and need some basic questions answered?
  • Would you like to know some of the changes that are happening to DSDM to keep it up to date?

Watch this video to answer these and many more questions. The video is suitable for anyone using DSDM, or thinking of using DSDM, or studying for an AgilePM qualification. It is also of use for the experienced DSDMers, DSDM ‘newbies’ and anyone else between.


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