Agile Overview (AGLO)

General Agile
1 day

Course Overview

The course provides a general overview of all things agile. It covers the fundamentals of working in an agile way and also explains how to get the most from agile when using it to manage projects. It covers the risks and benefits of agile and looks at some of the key concepts and techniques used. Several agile methods are covered such as Scrum, DSDM, SAFe, Lean and Kanban.

Course Objectives

To give delegates an understanding of agile and to describe what the drivers for agile are. Using facilitative discussion this course will enable delegates to understand what is behind agile thinking and how and when to apply agile behaviours and techniques to real life situations.

Who will the course benefit?

Team members who are involved in projects using (or about to use) agile. Typical roles would include Project Manager/Team Leader, Business Analyst, Solution Developer and Tester/Quality Reviewer. It would also benefit business or customer stakeholders who would be part of an agile team.



Course Content

  • A brief history of agile
  • The fundamentals of agile
  • How do you work in an agile way?
  • Product and Project environments
  • What agile approaches are available?
  • What are the risks and benefits of agile?
  • Communication with agile
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Prioritisation (1,2,3 and MoSCoW)
  • Timeboxing, sprints and flow
  • Estimation (and story points)
  • Common agile techniques
  • User stories, Stand-ups, Burndown charts
  • Moving to agile - what is the best way?