Measuring Agile Success

Webinars / Videos

Agile is everywhere! It is bringing many organisations lots of success and many people are really enjoying this new approach to getting work done. But what does success actually look like? How do you get there? What do you need to do?

This webinar covered the areas you need to look at in order to work out what agile success is:

• What do you need to look at when measuring success?
• How do you to decide what measures suit your organisation?
• Why are there several forms of success?
• How does the success of what you produce relate to the success of agile?
• How does this relate to organisational success?
• Who needs to help plan this, monitor this and control this?
• What needs to be in place to make it happen?
• How do you know when you have actually got there?

So many people and so many surveys talk about the savings and the benefits of agile, but is filling in a survey educated guess work? Can your agile journey be treated in the same way or do you need it to be clearly calculated, demonstrable and easy to prove.

Listen to this webinar and find out how you can measure success. It may turn out to be harder than you think. If you have any questions you would like to ask, please get in touch, or take a look at previous questions and answers from this webinar.