What is Scrum and what are its limitations

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What is Scrum?

Scrum is by far the most well-known agile approach and has made a dramatic improvement to the way organisations work in order to deliver value to their business units and customers alike.

It is conceptually very simple to understand and a lot of Scrum can be picked up very easily and used immediately in the workplace.

However, the most powerful aspects of Scrum are frequently misunderstood or missed out altogether and many organisations fail to harness the true power of this approach.

Scrum: the easier bits

You can start to use Scrum very quickly. It is very easy to use some of the roles, artefacts and events in Scrum such as using a Product Backlog, Sprints and having daily meetings. In some senses you could say it is a glorified way of sorting out your to-do list!

Scrum: the harder bits

The harder parts of Scrum to master are around its ethos and the cycle of continuous improvement. Scrum is based upon three principles of inspection, adaption and transparency and this is where a skilled practitioner in Scrum brings the approach to life and generates the bigger steps forward in delivering benefits to your organisation.

The limitations of Scrum

A common misconception is that you can do just about anything with Scrum. This can lead to Scrum being used outside its natural habitat and this can cause more problems than it solves. Scrum is ideal for product delivery. It is not a project management approach and pushing it beyond its boundaries can be damaging. The best way to harness the power of Scrum in all situations is to combine it with other complimentary approaches and get the best of both worlds.


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