DSDM Clinic – problems and fixes


DSDM is a framework made up of 8 principles, a lifecycle and products, roles and responsibilities and several best practice techniques. Often seen as agile’s best kept secret, DSDM is one of the leading and fastest growing agile approaches, forming the basis of the AgilePM qualification. DSDM addresses the needs of both simple product development and more complex project situations.

In this presentation we cover the following:

  • DSDM Growth
  • DSDM in the real world – how easy is it
  • DSDM: The basics and possible problems
  • Philosophy and Principles
  • The lifecycle
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Five key techniques


This presentation discusses how DSDM has developed since its launch in 1995 and using DSDM in the real world, for a more in-depth explanation please watch our webinar: DSDM Clinic with the lead author of DSDM Atern.